2018 Summer Institute Schedule

8:00 to 3:30 Monday through Friday
Registration – Monday morning 7:45 – 8:00

Each day's agenda provides time for:

Highly Effective Teaching
Model Teaching Week:
Improving Student Outcomes

Change is seldom easy but it seems much more possible when those involved share a clear picture of what it is they’re trying to achieve. This intensive, illuminating, and often magical week provides pictures of how the parts and pieces of Highly Effective Teaching—conceptual curriculum, effective instructional strategies, and the physical and emotional environment of a classroom—work together to create powerful learning.  It is the "being-there" experience for the Highly Effective Teaching (HET) Model.

The Model Teaching Week offers two distinct experiences:

  1. Observation of a multi-age demonstration classroom taught by an HET master teacher. These 15 hours with students create specific and memorable pictures of: The model teacher also demonstrates a range of instructional strategies that increase student engagement and ownership and carry through to supporting students in wiring learning into long-term memory.

    – How to create a physical and emotional environment that supports optimum, rigorous learning

    – The implementation of a range of powerful instructional strategies to increase student engagement and ownership of learning, such as collaboration, incorporation of the use of multiple intelligences, movement, reflection, focused technology interaction, a variety of anticipatory set options, simultaneous response strategies, the use of study trips and guest speakers, and more

    – The progress of student learning from introduction of concepts, knowledge and skills to mastery and wiring into long-term memory

    – The organization of standards into a cohesive, dynamic curriculum anchored by concepts and brought to life by relevant local and global details

  2. A second master HET trainer who provides the information and tools required for participants to implement HET in their own classrooms.  Daily participant experience includes:

    – Observations in the model classroom focused on specific aspects of implementing the HET model and aimed at expanding teachers’ instructional tool kits.

    – Opportunities to debrief with the HET model teacher to explore questions in-depth

    Participants will also get an opportunity for a one-on-one interview with a student at the end of the week.

The Model Teaching Week training emphasizes using community locations as the starting point for creating curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, conceptual, and integrated. Such locations also illustrate how basic skills are used in their community, and thus why these skills are important to students' lives now and in the future.

Perhaps most important of all, is the demonstration of what is possible—the vivid mental images of the classroom that become tools to guide teachers as they work to improve student outcomes.

Each participant will end the week with an action plan that includes curriculum and approaches to assess student progress, powerful engagement strategies to make that curriculum come alive, how to move students through the stages in group development in order to create an emotionally supportive environment in which students are free to do their best learning and work, and a design for the physical environment that enhances and supports learning.

A Model Teaching Week provides the rare opportunity to observe and learn from a model in action where theory is grounded in observable, replicable practice.

Join us!

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