Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CFPE?

A: CFPE (Center for the Future of Public Education) is a nonprofit organization with a long and distinguished history. It began in Arizona in 1990, moved to Washington State, and has now opened its doors in California. Its mission is two-fold:

  1. To keep the HET (Highly Effective Teaching) model, and the resources that accompany it, up to date with current brain research
  2. To create replicable programs for addressing the needs of underachieving learning, K-14 by using the HET model to teach effectively the first time, thus eliminating the need, and cost, for remediation.
Q: Who is CFPE?

A: The current Board of Directors consists of:

For more information about our directors, see "Meet Our Board" page.

Q: Where do I go for HET trainings and materials?

A: Fortunately, through CFPE you still have access to all the HET trainings and trainers, even Summer Institute.

For HET books, LIFESKILL posters, coaching tools, DVDs, and other HET-related resources, go to www.books4educ.com

Available trainings include:

Q: What resources are available to help us through the budget cuts that will follow the covid-19 closures?

A: See What Brain Research Can Teach About Cutting School Budgets by Karen D. Olsen. It follows the educational philosophy and brain research base of the HET Model. A Corwin Press publication, it is available through Corwin Press and Books for Educators, www.books4educ.com.

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