HET Essentials

1 – 3 Days

While expectations of educator's rise, so does the knowledge base upon which we build our craft. Scientific research makes it clear that the body and brain work as partners in the learning process.

During the three days you spend with an HET associate, you'll establish a common understanding of how Highly Effective Teaching helps you reach school and district goals as you build the sense of community to support forward progress. You'll gain the ability to articulate why you are doing what you are doing as it relates to the research about bodybrain-compatible learning and leave with an action plan for getting started.

Workshop Goals:

  1. Bodybrain Basics: A summary of the current research base that underlies the Highly Effective Teaching model. Emphasis is on the role of emotions in learning, the importance of providing direct experiences that are meaningful, and on orchestrating such experiences so that students build patterns and mental programs stored in long-term memory.

  2. Bodybrain-Compatible Elements: The translation of brain research into classroom practice will be explained. Specific strategies for implementing absence of threat, enriched environment, meaningful content, collaboration, adequate time, movement to enhance learning, choices, and immediate feedback will be described and practiced.

Participants will experience bodybrain-compatible learning as the HET Associate demonstrates recommended strategies and tools to use in the classroom. Participants will leave with specific plans for making at least five instructional strategies fully bodybrain-compatible.

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