Your coach will work with you to design the best possible approaches to moving teachers forward in their efforts to become more effective teachers. While classroom observation and feedback on a one-on-one basis remain at the heart of coaching, there are other partnership activities to support teachers. The menu includes:

  1. Classroom visits and individual feedback on implementation of the HET model

  2. Mini review sessions on elements of the HET model: small group

  3. Demonstration lesson (after first coaching visit and a school walk-through)

  4. Grade level or team planning
    • Team collaboration
    • Curriculum development
    • Integrating content and skills through "slice of life" location studies
    • Next steps
    • Meeting state standards and benchmarks

  5. Classroom Set-up Day before school starts
    Plan and create an enriched classroom environment together: one-on-one or small group

  6. Parent presentation (usually an evening session in lieu of time during the day)

  7. Consultation with principals or other leadership staff regarding schoolwide HET implementation (one-on-one/small/moderate group)
    The change process and team building
    Funding options
    Next steps
    Working with families and community
    Conducting a climate assessment
    Building a climate of support

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