Model Teaching Week:
Bodybrain-Compatible Classrooms in Action

Weeklong Workshop

Change is seldom easy.  It seems much more possible when those involved share a clear picture of what it is they are trying to achieve.  This intensive and often magical week provides pictures of how the parts and pieces of Highly Effective Teaching work together in the classroom.  It is the "being-there" for Highly Effective Teaching.

For each group of 50 participants, a multi-age classroom of local students is teamed with an experienced Highly Effective Teacher. While that teacher creates a HET classroom experience for the students, an HET associate provides the information and tools required for teachers to experience what bodybrain-compatible learning looks like in a heterogeneous classroom. Participants alternate between observing in the HET classroom and attending sessions with the Associate to expand their professional knowledge base increasing their capacity to provide bodybrain-compatible learning opportunities for their students. Participants have daily opportunities to debrief with the HET teacher and a time to interview the students at the end of the week.

Specific content for the week emphasizes using community locations as the starting point for creating curriculum that is integrated and conceptual. Skills are often the target of standardized measures and are taught in relation to the real-life location and topic under study.  The yearlong theme and its essential construction are introduced as tools for creating integrated curriculum.  Perhaps most important of all, new pictures of what is possible create vivid mental images and become tools to guide teachers as they collaborate and create their own bodybrain compatible classrooms. From their experiences, participants create an action plan selecting specific brain-compatible strategies and elements to implement in their classrooms.

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