On-site Professional Development Assessment

Successful reform requires mutual agreement and understanding of the goals of the initiative. During this school visit, a senior Highly Effective Teaching (HET) Associate observes and evaluates the school’s emotional tone, physical environment, and levels of academic engagement.  The on-site assessment helps determine the school’s level of readiness and its starting point for Highly Effective Teaching implementation and a plan of action for the future. 

On-site assessments are highly recommended for all schools new to HET and moving toward a bodybrain-compatible learning environment. The assessment is conducted on days when it is possible to observe the entire school population in its normal routine to see what a typical day at your school looks, sounds, and feels like.  A detailed interview with school leaders followed by a comprehensive tour of the campus is key to designing a customized professional development plan for implementing the HET model at your school.

Successful Assessment Goals:

  1. Eliminate false starts.
  2. Save time and resources by having a plan created at the outset.
  3. Develop a customized implementation plan, including how CFPE associates will support the school and what action steps the school should take to maximize that support.
  4. Provide an opportunity for school administrators to understand how implementing Highly Effective Teaching would impact student achievement.

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